Salesloft U - Creating a Cadence

Hubspot Academy (registration and courses required):

Once you have registered in HubSpot Academy, go to the following link: and complete all the courses mentioned in this table of tasks.

Make sure to complete all the tasks before moving on to the next lesson.

Hubspot Sales Software:

Go to

Course Details:

• 4 lessons.

• 21 videos.

• 3 quizzes.

• 1:46 hours.

Online Sales Training: How to move from field sales to remote selling?

Go to

Course Details:

• 5 videos.

• 42 minutes.

Mastering the Basics of Sales Hub Starter:

Go to

Course Details:

• 6 lessons.

• 28 videos.

• 1:19 hours

Inbound Sales Course: Get Certified in Inbound Sales:

Go to

Course Details:

• 5 lessons.

• 22 videos.

• 5 quizzes.

• 3:12 hours.

Prospecting in HubSpot, Part 1: Identifying Good-Fit Leads.

Prospecting in HubSpot, Part 2: Connecting With Your Contacts.

With your templates in place, you’re ready to create your first Salesloft cadence. This video walks you through laying the foundation for your cadences in Cadence Settings.

Course Lessons

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