How to be successful at prospecting and sales for a tech startup?

What are the most important basic elements in order to become a six figure tech sales representative?

Okay, guys.

These are four elements that are very, very important. To keep in mind in order to be able to be successful at anything, but mainly at sales and especially at tech sales. And these are the four core values that we are going to teach you at our food camp.

Let's start with habits.



Habit consists of two main elements. We have the element of consistency, which is not giving up and understanding that sales is a game of being told no multiple times until you are actually being told yes, but that yes is going to make you ten k or fifteen k for that month. So it's worth going through the notes until you receive that yes. And how do you get those notes and those yeses?

By doing repetitive actions.

In this case, it's gonna be mainly cold and warm prospecting.

Even when you enter into your job placement phase where you're going to be applying to multiple roles, you're gonna see that you're gonna have to have consistency, and you're gonna have to go through repetitive actions where you're gonna be reaching out to your employers.

Until you receive those yeses. So habit is very important.

Right? Do not forget that.


Now let's go to attitude.

It's very easy to get demotivated when you see that you're working very hard, and it seems like you're not getting any progress.

It's very important for you to maintain positive because those notes are just smoke screens. Right?

So maintaining yourself with a positive attitude is fundamental for you to get great results.

Also, it's very important for you to keep yourself unattached from results. You got a yes? Okay. It doesn't matter.

Keep working. Okay? You got ten k, fifteen k commission bonus. Doesn't matter. Keep working.

That is going to make you a decent tech sales because guess what? Many people out there stop. After they get their first yes, they're satisfied and they stop. But a staff and a graduate does not stop after a first yes. They keep going.

After that, we have skills,


and that's what we're teaching you here. We're gonna make sure you're a master handling tonality, a master handling CRMs, which you'll know what CRM stand for, at the end of the course.

You're gonna be a master at using prospecting tools you're gonna be a master at pitching.

You're going to be a master at selling yourself, and that's the value of this program.

We've literally taken everything we we've learned from in our careers and put it into this program so you can get the best skills in the marketplace and use them immediately to land a job and be successful at that job.

And that is eventually going to translate into knowledge because you're gonna combine your skill sets that you're gonna learn here, your hard skill sets with your habit and your attitude. And that is going to bring in a priceless combination that many employers want and many employers are willing to pay a lot of money for.

So remember, habit, attitude, skills, and knowledge. Those four those four elements combined are gonna bring you six or even seven figures into your pocket in a very fast fashion.

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